HoloRoyale, A Large Scale, High Fidelity, Augmented Reality Game

HoloRoyale is the first instance of a truly large scale, multiplayer Augmented Reality game.

Recent years saw an explosion in Augmented Reality (AR) experiences for consumers. These experiences can be classified based on the scale of the interactive area (room vs city/global scale), or the fidelity of the experience (high vs low).

Experiences that target large areas, such as campus or world scale, commonly have only rudimentary interactions with the physical world, and suffer from registration errors and jitter. We classify these experiences as large scale and low fidelity. On the other hand, various room sized experiences feature realistic interaction of virtual content with the real world. We classify these experiences as small scale and high fidelity.

HoloRoyale is the first to explore the domain of large scale highfidelity (LSHF) AR experiences. We built upon the small scale high fidelity capabilities of the Microsoft HoloLens to allow LSHF interactions. We demonstrated the capabilities of our system with a game specifically designed for LSHF interactions, handling many challenges and limitations unique to the domain of LSHF AR through the game design.

Extensions of this game have been implemented on mobile phones, taking the same shape as popular mobile AR games like Pokemon Go

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