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A pint of BEER awaits you in a deserted XR island called Upside Down Land.

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Our Mission

Founded Late 2022, Brewed Engagement Extended Reality (BEER) Laboratory (Labs) is an enthusiastic interactive software development laboratory that focuses on researching and developing the latest in brewed fun and engagement!
Whether it be console/pc video games, interactive experiences or industrial applications in the XR space, we’re happy to serve up a pint! 

What is XR?

XR is the general term for Extended Reality, encompassing:

  • Virtual Reality (VR, Where you see only the amazing virtual world)
  • Augmented Reality (AR, Where you can see cool stuff ontop of the real world)


You’ve likely seen the most common Augmented Reality experiences on Mobile Phone devices (Such as Pokemon Go). However, they’re not the only medium.

AR Head Worn displays are much like your VR headsets, except you can see the content directly embedded into the real world!

How we get there?

We upskill our games and entertainment designers-to-be on building games with heart. These skills are then further distilled to become XR and Veteran Software Engineers. We also offer routes for specialist study into XR Research.

What makes us special?

We are developers with heart, closely engaging with our industry connectors as we brew our experiences to perfection!

We only produce content that is enjoyable by all, makes a meaningful impact on our future, or helps bring humanity together. Quality and excitement are our primary goal!

Got something exciting you want to see become reality? Let us brew it in house for you!

Check out some of our cool stuff on our YouTube Channel!